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By StanOctober 28, in News. You may have heard the term sniper when it comes down to gold making. Let's look at this powerful TSM feature in more detail. While performing the scan, it constantly fetches the last page of the Auction House for auctions that have been posted way below what they should sell for. Items that have been posted cheap by accident also show up on your scan list for a quick buyout. All you need is a proper setup.

It's hard to tell as you would need to have Auction House opened all the time and the more you scan the more gold you can earn. This way, you can constantly scan and also enjoy the game on your main account at the same time.

tsm sniper string

That was an accident. Now we need to define our sniper formula. It is used to filter out all the items to tell us which is the best to buy and resell. We'll be inserting our custom formula in the field just under the "Test Selected Sound" button.

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The function can take parameters. Each parameter is seperated by a comma. What the check function does is, it checks if the first parameter is greater than zero. If it is, it will use the second parameter.

BoE Flipping Gold Guide - How I Made 2.5 Million in Sales this Week

If it is not greater than zero equal to or smaller than zero it will use the third parameter If there is no third parameter the whole function will result in an invalid price.

Knowing how the check function works, you might already see where the formula is going. Here is a little easier to read breakdown of the formula:. This will start the scan, you can set up the sound you want to hear when an item appears in the list for quick buyout.

Sniping is supposed to be semi-automated. Ok found what I did wrong there. Now if it would only return some data. Just says scanning last page.Add a comment. The line-counter case is integrated into the B-side plate with a focus on ergonomics, making this reel extremely palmable. Red, blue, green, or purple. Hybrid Analysis develops and licenses analysis tools to fight malware. CA Residents only: Do not The goal of my groups and operations is to enable you to reliably make a decent bit of gold with very little effort, by having TSM handle both shopping and auctioning for you.

Everything related to making gold is made fast and easy by our addon. This is where the Sniper Ghost warrior franchise puts its hand up and zooms in on the target! It follows you around like normal pets, and is attached by a string. Every few minutes or so a bolt of lightning hits the kite and travels down the string to zap you, shaking your screen. Hang your posters in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome.

The 'too complicated; don't understand' of the updates are that the string will have a more natural curve when it comes to determining a maximum price for a given item, rather than arbitrary steps based on increased value. Teespring is the free and easy way to bring your ideas to life. This is normal and typically takes less than a minute. The Setup Thanks for putting all of the work into making these lists and sharing them with us.

All rights reserved. Select your AO location, the factions you want to use and any supports available or leave them all randomised and see what mission you are sent on. TwinkiePaste Portable 2. Join the largest League of Legends strategy community! If there is less space people are forced to fight more, which means there is more action on the map and everything feels faster aswell. If you click it TSM will continuously scan the last page of the auctions house.

All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners. This includes crafting, buyout, tracking sales, managing inventory, and much more. The rest of the UI is covered by the list of results. TreatzLoL This is kinda cute. Change its name from "custompricea" to "minprice" and hit enter. With more emphasis on a visual representation of demolishing your target with brutal bullet penetration scenes, yet it lacks the true feeling.

Lets look at this powerful TSM feature in more detail. Lots of fun to play when bored at home or at school. When summoned it appears as one of four random colors. III:3, Op. Are here some sites with more recent updates?

Anything you guys could suggest? Our addon is the best of the best when it comes to making gold in World of Warcraft. Remember sniping always comes with a risk, so make sure that you have some idea about the prices of stuff or what you can make before buying stuff and spending your gold.

Design your product, set a price, and start selling. On the left side, you will find a Button called "No mech selected" or with the name of the current loaded variant. Clicking on that button will open a menu, from which you can select any available variant and load it into the mechlab. Nice Job remaking the map for BW.

Teespring handles the rest - production, shipping, and customer service - and you keep the profit!Part 1: What is sniping, and how to do the basics. Part 2: How to sniper-bait and make gold from the snipers. TSM Sniper sees the items posted at lower than market value and recommends the items to be bought. Sniper bait mostly targets AH bots and nubs who have cut n paste TSM strings without looking to understand what they are doing. Blindraptor on Reddit posted this new string.

The problem I was having is that my sniper was bringing up a lot of vendor purchased items. These items would have a listed market value high enough to trigger my sniper string when they were posted at more reasonable prices. One common example is the dragonhawk hatchlings. People posting them for 10g would trigger sniper, even though they cost 50s from the vendor. Bid Sniper works like Buyout Sniper, in that it has a default setting and can work right out the box.

About the Author. Want more updates on Warcraft Battle for Azeroth? Support my Patreon for exclusive pre-release Gold Guides. Selling vendor items to bait snipers? Who would do such a thing. Is Hayden Hawke Real? This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.Sniper is a unique function in TSM that is focused on finding items that are really underpriced.

It works by continuously scanning the latest auctions posted and showing any that meet your criteria. This will allow you to snag up materials posted in stacks of for the price of one material, or items worth hundreds of thousands of gold for gold if you get lucky. In TSM4 sniper is based on operations. You will have a default operation that ships with TSM that will be applied to all your groups.

Since it is governed by operations you can have different operations for different groups, which is very useful. All operations will automatically be used in a sniper scan. For instance it makes a lot of sense to use different settings for sniping materials compared to sniping high-end BoEs. The Sniper UI is very simple as you can see below. The rest of the UI is covered by the list of results. The buyout sniper is by far the most useful one.

If you click it TSM will continuously scan the last page of the auctions house. Then you just have to figure out if you want to buy the item. If you are on a high population realm there will be other snipers, so fast reactions will be the difference maker for the best deals. The results page will look identical to the results page for a shopping scan, with the item name, posts, stacks, bid and buyout.

The rightmost column will once again be in comparison to the maximum price in your sniper operation, not in comparison to dbmarket or any other general price source. Below you can see some results showing up for BfA materials based on my materials sniping operation. I personally only have two sniper operations at the moment, one general purpose operation and a separate one for BfA materials.

Sniper operations are very simple and they only have one option. A custom price string that is the maximum price it will show items at. You can create sniper operations the exact same way as you create any other operation.

I would suggest setting up a generalized operation as your default operation. The most popular one in the game at the moment was made by BilisOnyxia and it is the one I am currently using. His operation uses a custom price called minprice. After you have added the minprice source you can go to the default sniper operation to change it. The sniper string by BilisOnyxia is below.

The ifgt checks will compare the expected value of an item from the minprice source and then set the percentage of minprice you are willing to buy the item for based on that. I suggest going through your base groups and adding the default sniper operation to all of them, and then overriding it for any sub groups you want to add specialized operations too to ensure you get as many deals as possible.

tsm sniper string

This operation will be applied to your base group. This means that every item in the game that is not in any of your groups will show up. I also suggest adding this operation to most of your groups for snagging up deals. There will be items that show up that you are completely unfamiliar with. Some of these will be great deals, and some of them will be traps! It always pays to take a look at the tooltip if you are unfamiliar with an item, you will miss out on some deals that way, but eventually you will develop the confidence and intuition to quickly figure out what you want to buy.

tsm sniper string

There are also players out there specifically targeting snipers by raising the value of an item over a longer period and then posting it cheaper, but still expensive.Following on my introduction to custom prices last week we will now take a deeper look at how powerful the pricing string functionality in TSM is. We will look at how you can combine value sources and the logic functions to make very powerful pricing sources. Firsst we will take a quick rundown of the functionality you can use.

Pricing strings support refering to the value source for a specific item, simple mathematical functions and logic functions like ifgte and round. We will go through all of this in a bit of detail and then show some cool examples of useful and well known strings and go through why they are the way they are. All of your pricing operations can use simple arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

You can use arithmetic to combine various price sources or to modify a value source with another value source. The most frequent way you want to use this is of course to simply add the cost of two different pricing sources together.

You will also usually want to use this to get different multiples of the same price string for your minimum, normal and maximum prices. I showed this one a bit earlier in my last post in this guide. I use this in my Expulsom price source. ItemIDs can be found by looking up the item on wowhead, and it will be the number in the web address. This is very useful, particularly for making pricing strings for BoE materials, as well as making strings that evaluate the expected value of processes with random outcomes such as disenchanting and prospecting.

To use it for this you would simply make an easy formula for expected value by multiplying the chance of one of the outcomes with the yields. So for prospecting we would multiply the chance of each gem per ore for each of the gems and then add them all together.

TSM also has a nice number of logic functions. These can be used to find the minimum of two values, the maximum, to round a number or to compare numbers to see which is higher, just to list a few.

As you can see the list is quite long, but luckily we can group them up as a lot of them have similar functionality. Min and max will return either the minimum or maximum value. To use it you simply type min crafting,dbmarket for instance. This will return the minimum value of crafting or dbmarket. Min and max are both useful in pricing strings where you want to compare two sources.

TSM4 Guide Part 10: Finding the best deals with Sniper

This will return the largest of the two sources and is useful in flipping operations to ensure that you never post your items for less than you bought them for. First will simply return the first valid price source. You can use this to check for dbmarket for a rare item and then revert to the regionmarketavg if it cannot find dbmarket.

Convert will take a price source and see if the item can be converted, this is relevant for eternals from Wrath that can be converted to crystallized fire or earth. TSM4 has 5 different if functions.

They are all evaluated the same way. The function will compare a and b based on the logic implied by the function name and then return the value in C if the evaluation is true or d in any other cases. For anyone familiar with programming this will be something you are used to. The variations of if are:. This formula will compare dbmarket to 2 gold. This can be used a max price for shopping materials if you want to avoid the cheapest ones for instance.

The round functions are also very similar. The names pretty much say exactly what they do. The function has two arguments round a,b where a is the value you want to round and b is the value you want too round to.

How to Set Up the TSM 4 Sniper (2019)

Rounding can be useful to make sure your normal prices are prettier which may help you make more sales. I have already showed you a couple of examples above, but here we will take a look at a couple more just to show you how this can be used.Everything you needed, custom operations, groups and shopping lists have successfully transitioned from TSM 3 to TSM 4.

You can also copy the string from this pastebin without having to edit the minus signs! This is it!

tsm sniper string

All you need to do to start it is to click on the Run Buyout Sniper button and be on the lookout for some awesome deals to flip!

Maybe you forgot to close a bracket. I replaced them in my editor and it worked. I am having a real hard time getting this string to work, has anything changed since this post was created? Just keep getting error that the string is incorrect, try again.

Do the second string setting first then go back and post the first string… worked for me… maybe swap out the order of instructions. This is so annoying. The second part wont work and nothing I try works. Same as everyone in comments, I get an error. I was getting the same error and once I corrected the name of the new custom price, BAM! I was able to successfully add the other string. Thank you for posting this. Quick question.

How long should a sniper scan take? Mine are taking hours before I get tired and close it. Thanks for the guide tho. Problem with the addon or something else? Did you import the Sniper strings as well?

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TSM Addon Changes for Patch 8.3

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You can find this option by going to options, module options, shopping and unchecking that box. This will avoid all those nonsense items worth trash from showing up on your sniper window, distracting you from the good deals.

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