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Sande plywood is a marine purpose plywood. It is typically sapwood and heartwood that is yellowish white, light brown, or yellow in color. This wood texture is medium to moderately coarse.

The grain can vary from narrowly or widely interlocked and the manufacturing process for this type of plywood incorporates a water resistant gluemaking it the perfect choice for projects that will be coming in contact with water.

Sande plywood is typically used in marine applications. For example, it is commonly used in boat building applications. It is constructed out of high-grade wood and is known for having many advantages over standard plywood. The primary difference between this marine plywood and standard varieties found at home improvement stores is that marine-grade plywood is designed to specifically hold up to water, whereas others are not.

Besides utilizing a binder or glue that is intended for submersion in water, marine type plywood is typically made with twice as many layers as its nonmarine counterparts. It is also used for many indoor purposes, such as in the construction of bathrooms and kitchens. If you are thinking about renovating a bathroom, kitchen or other room where water or moisture is likely to come in contact with the walls, then Sande plywood might be the ideal choice.

The outer layers of Sande plywood are typically made from tough, durable material. This helps it withstand strong impact damage. As you might have guessed, Sande plywood is typically used in projects where frequent exposure to wear and tear is expected. Projects that utilize this plywood have been known to last for upwards of a decade.

In fact, many applications call for covering the plywood with some other material such as flooring or siding. That is not the case with Sande plywood. This comes with a beautify smooth finish that lasts even when exposed to harsh conditions. Birch plywood is another common plywood that people love to use, but its application and purposes are quite a bit different from Sande plywood.

sande plywood lowes

For example, birch plywood has a fine grain that makes it ideal for projects where appearance matters. It is typically used for cabinetry, shelving, and furniture building. The problem with birch plywood is that it is not as resistant to the elements as the marine types of plywood.

sande plywood lowes

Have you ever left a piece of plywood out in the rain? When excess water comes into contact with plywood for a prolonged period of time the glue bonds that hold the wood layers together begins to weaken to the point of failure. Sande plywood is the opposite: It is specifically designed to withstand exposure to water. Share Tweet Pin 1 shares. Check the price on Amazon.Please enable Javascript by going to your browser settings.

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Sande marine plywood--any comments?

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Change Store. Online Price More Information. Ship to Store - Free! Roseburg AB Marine Plywood. Sold in Stores. Go to previous page. Go to next page. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store.

This inventory may include a store display unit. Online orders and products purchased in-store qualify for rebate redemption. Mail-in Rebate is in the form of merchandise credit check, valid in-store only. By submitting this rebate form, you agree to resolve any disputes related to rebate redemption by binding arbitration and you waive any right to file or participate in a class action. Terms and conditions available at www.I like this for making signs.

Great for the price. This item made excellent cupboard facings. Very easy to finish. I had to rebuild the seats of my antique dining chairs and the plywood was just what I needed. With a selection that includes birch plywood, BC sanded plywood, medium density fiberboard MDForiented strand board OSBtempered hardboard, underlayment, chalkboard and markerboard, imagine the possibilities.

Unless otherwise noted, assorted sizes and species vary by retailer and include:. OSB Attic Decking has a convenient tongue-and-groove design for easy installation.

Use the tongue and groove feature to lock multiple boards together and improve the organization of your storage space.

Enjoy a clean look and increase the usable square footage of your attic by multiples of 8 sq. If you love the look of birch plywood — but not the price — a more affordable, great-looking option is BC sanded plywood.

Use for projects such as shelving, paneling, stairs, exterior wall sheathing, soffits, building substrates, support for cabinets and other built-ins, and more. The veneered construction of Birch Project Panels provides structural strength, precision flatness and aesthetic beauty any professional would be proud to use.

Birch is perfect for building cabinets, shelving, coffee tables, desks and more. Unframed chalkboards and markerboards offer a durable, high-quality writing surface.

Convenient for homes, commercial and retail applications, restaurants, classrooms, offices and more. Fun and handy for grocery lists and family reminders in the kitchen, chore lists in the mudroom, to-do lists in the laundry room, and creativity in children's bedrooms and playrooms.

Medium density fiberboard MDF is an engineered wood product and one of the most versatile project materials available. Its attractive appearance, smooth feel and consistent surface makes it ideal for painting, building shelves, furniture design, storage cabinets and more. MDF offers the perfect surface for veneer application too.

Oriented strand board OSB is manufactured from rectangular wood strands oriented in a cross-layered pattern and waterproof, heat-cured adhesives. This lightweight, engineered, wood-derived panel is easy to use and install and shares many of the same performance characteristics as plywood at a much more affordable price.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

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New clients are expected to pay for the courier cost. Direct Supplier cheap price plywood sheet waterproof 20mm Film Faced Plywood for building formwork. High quality poplar bendable plywood lowes price. High quanlity New design 2mm plywood for construction hardwood plywood bendable plywood lowes.My daughter in law had a desk in storage that she really liked and had for many years.

It got damaged by water. Also should I get the Mini kreg for pocket holes to attach quarter round to the edge of the ply or just glue and brad nail?

Share Tweet Facebook. Views: Thanks guys for the help. I do want to stain it and then poly or some protective surface.

Will post project as I progress with it. The birch ply is a closed grain like maple or cherry. The Sande ply is open grain like oak or mahogany. This will affect the appearance. More importantly is the quality of the plywood. Some of the Chinese junk at the Home Depot has delaminating plys inside, a paper thin outer veneer, and warping due to improper drying.

Recently I found some better birch plywood at Lowe's and bought a bunch. Made in the USA, less voids, better glue, and a much thicker veneer. Edge-banding won't need pocket screws unless it's real thick like a 1x2.

I like to glue and brad nail, but have to be careful not to smear the glue on the face, since it then won't take stain. You can also use tape to clamp during glue-up. I discussed, with one of the employees, at a neighborhood HD, and he said they don't get any lumber from ''China'' For a while there I was buying pricey baltic birch. Ken Darga said:.

Project Panels

Sign Up or Sign In. For Technical Support, please call or send a message. Added by Alex DrMaster. Added by Philip Miller. Hi,Has anyone come up with a way to level the wings on the mobile project center so the table is flat?

Tags: centerproject. Started by Michael Butts in Beginners' Zone. Last reply by KregRep Apr 6. Does this site offers plans. Started by Jason Juday in Beginners' Zone. Last reply by James P. Cottingham Apr 4.I'm in the process of building another layout, this one in So. Some further research that I found online suggests it's 7 ply, but is soft and not durable. One place had it, but would not rip it in half for me. I want to use this as my subroadbed, as I will use cork on top.

It's for HO scale, and I won't use foam, and I prefer the wood. The layout will not have any inclines or risers, so this will be on 1"x3" frames. This is not my first layout, and I have used the other plywood with no issues. Has anyone else used the Sande Plywood from Home Depot? Would appreciate any feedback on it. Did not like it. Veneer is super thin so it chips out easily on cuts. Also did not hold screws as well as other hardwood plys I have used.

Very poor quality. Lots of voids, face veneer chipped out horribly. Wonderful stuff.

sande plywood lowes

Built all remaining benchwork and all sub-roadbed with it. Joy to work with. It sounds like Home Depot thinks they can sell compressed alligator droppings to just about anyone. Are there NO lumberyards in south Florida? From what I've read or found, it's made for Home Depot out of what I don't know. The last words on this product that I found was from and the comments were not stellar, to say the least.

There are lumber yards, just a handful and I found only one that had it, but couldn't rip it for me and my table saw can't handle it. I'm pretty sure it was from HD. I have a Skilsaw. The plywood is held off the "ground" by an assortment of carefully placed 2x4's. Yes, it takes a long time to do. So I try to avoid it and have the plywood cut at the yard.Share Tweet Facebook.

Views: Below is the HomeDepot info on Sandeplywood. I did not see if it was made as an exterior plywood but because it is lists for interior use I would expect that the glue is not exterior or marine.

Here's the info. Sandeplywood is a Home Depot Exclusive. Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. Lowes has something they call "Patriot Ply" taht sounds like this stuff- turns out it is eucaliptus.

Sample survived a week in the dishwasher but hasthick cores and paperthin outer plys. This Sande stuff sounds like it may not be for boats.

It pays to use good materials- unless you want to gamble and hope for the best. Okume is more expensive, easier on tools Merranti eats the hell out of plane blades and jigsaw blades and said to be less rot resistant but if you store the boat under cover between trips I don't think this is a problem.

Guys, what a great resource we have here. Look how much information popped out of the "woodwork" in just a little while. I am once again reminded that Randy has started aa great resource for us all to share and contribute to. Good job everyone. There have been several posts on Woodenboat forum less the "people" about sande, most of which were skeptical of its use in boats.

It's really not likly that high quality sheet goods will ever be available from Lowes or HD. Their price points just don't mix with the custom high quality trades. They would never be able to move enough of it to make it cost effective.

Jeremy and I both rowed boats built from the same frame set with the same okume.

Birch Plywood vs Sandy Ply?

I am not sure okume is below the mark for these boats even it is not what we were after, assuming we could get it at a reasonable cost, which we can't. I have used a bunch of it in the last few months on my current project in bracing and other items. I will say the manufacturing is very high. No voids in that either. I share shop space with a dumpster diver.

He has barrels of random pieces of wood from all over the world. It is staggering what cabinet shops throw out. The table in the attached image was built from dumpster wood. While it's not a boat the point is that there are a lot of materials available for clever folks.


We have lots and lots of nice wood in the shop which we can't identify. Many of the woods are harder to drill the steel. Mesquite and the iron woods are the hardest woods I have ever picked up. Many of them don't float. We have hundreds of feet of mahogany strips which were ripped from planks then thrown out after the main board was cut to size.

They can be glued up for all kind of thing. This was the stock I used to frame my plascore hatch covers. If I had a wood fired boiler it would be easy to get enough wood to heat my home, all free. The demands are so high that mahogany of which there are so many are going off the chart on price. Veneer plywood is so thin it's no longer reasonable for use as cabinetry.