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You can only take this test if you have passed the MCT. In the second part of the exam you will be tested for skills in Writing, Legal Research and legal drafting.

QLTS: Prep Tips and what to expect on MCT test day!

The OSCE exam is spread over several days. OSCE is an exam held on online computer practical skills, which can only be best taught online. For Client Interview and Advocacy your tutor will train you via Virtual Class room and give you feedback and performance points. There is no restriction on the number of assessment attempts you may take at either the MCT or OSCE, nor a time limit for completing the two assessments within a certain time period.

MCT Multiple Choice Test

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qlts exam syllabus

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qlts exam syllabus

What is QLTS? The test comprised of two exams i. QLTS is designed as a computer based test, therefore, online study is the only best method to prepare yourself for the exams from anywhere in the world. Which normally are studied while gaining a Law degree during the 7 years period of learning in becoming a Solicitor. You can see the full 11 Units Syllabus here. MCT exam will be comprised of Questions which you will be attempting in two parts in 1 day, each part is divided into morning and evening sessions of 3 hours each.

You will attempt 90 Questions in Morning and 90 Questions in Evening, with a break in between, for full exam format click here. One To One Tutor Supervision. Unlimited Mock Exam till the Exam Day.

You will select your own available time for the Lectures. One to One Tutor Supervision.Study Material. They should be read along the books listed for 1st stage which deal with the substantive law : You dont have to be baffled by the number of books involved.

You should know what to read and how much read in each book Easier said than done!! Some books may require in-depth study eg Unlocking Land Law and some only a cursory glance eg Conference Skills.

A thorough understanding of the day-1 outcomes prescribed by the SRA will guide you through this mysterious journey. I am not recommending any book as there are many which are equally good or even better than the ones I have bought. Check out amazon. You can buy any book written for students as they all come in reasonable size which is important for focused preparation.

I will keep posting summaries, important facts, cases, my analysis etc as I keep reading these books for your benefit. If I bump into any useful reading materials on the net, I will post them here.

So keep checking for my posts. Before you leave this page, click here for the sample questions relevant for QLTS exams. Email This BlogThis! Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Each of the questions on the test is followed by 5 possible answers.

Candidates should choose the best answer from the stated alternatives. Each question is designed to be answered by applying fundamental legal principles to the given fact patterns. Candidates should mark only 1 answer for each question. Multiple answers will not be counted. Marks are based on the number of questions answered correctly. Candidates are offered a choice of locations during the booking process.

For further details see the Bookings page. Please note that, as the MCT is a computer-based assessment, if there are technical difficulties or other reasons why candidates cannot sit, such as adverse weather conditions, candidates may be recalled. Any recalls will be arranged as soon as possible. Every effort will be made for any recall to be scheduled at a time and place that is convenient to the candidate but this cannot be guaranteed.

The assessment is divided into 2 sessions of 2 hours 45 minutes each, with 90 questions in each session. A break of 60 minutes is provided between the sessions during which time candidates may leave the test centre.

Candidates are advised to return to the test centre within 50 minutes to allow time to re-register. Latecomers will not be admitted to session 2. Each correct response receives a mark. Multiple answers are not counted.

QLTS – Syllabus- MCT/OSCE

No marks are deducted for incorrect responses. The mark for the 2 parts of the MCT is aggregated to derive the overall mark. For further details see the Marking and Moderation Policy. There are no permitted materials for this assessment.

Candidates are supplied with an erasable board and a marker. A calculator is provided on screen.The key difference, however, is that there is no experience or training requirement under the QLTS, meaning that QLTS candidates are held to a higher standard than domestic law students. Yet, many of our QLTS candidates give themselves months to prepare for the assessments, and often pass first time.

In fact, a typical timeline we see for most candidates is to commence study months before the MCT, spending approximately 15 hours per week, then prepare for and attempt the OSCE assessment that immediately follows the MCT. For the OSCE, our candidates are advised to study for approximately 15 to 20 hours per week over a 3 to 4 month preparation period. However, you should remember that unlike domestic candidates for whom a law degree or the GDL may be their first encounter with any study of law, you have already studied and qualified as a lawyer in your home jurisdiction, so at the very least have a working knowledge of law as a general concept.

That being said, the scope of the syllabus is comprehensive, being based on the same standards expected of a newly-qualified English solicitor who has qualified through the domestic route in England and Wales. In fact, you can spend days just trying to figure out what is covered by the syllabus and understand the SRA requirements. Beyond the very general observations above, the reality is that you have to weigh up your own circumstances and factor in your current and past experience with English law in general and legal practice in particular to get an idea of how long you can and should commit to preparing for the QLTS.

Some things to consider include:. The fact is that becoming an English solicitor through the QLTS will require a lot of discipline and commitment in order to pass the assessments to the required standard. You therefore owe it to yourself and those around you to ensure that you carefully consider and plan your study timetable accordingly. One recent development that will make things easier for you is that you can now take the MCT at a computer test centre in one of many countries worldwide.

If you are not based in the UK, this will save time and cost in flying to London and attending the test centre, which often eats into a preparation schedule and requires additional time off work post-test in order to fly back from the UK and recover.

The MCT Premium course offers a personalised initial consultation, in which you complete a questionnaire and have an interview with a tutor, who will prepare a personalised study plan and timetable for you with study direction and recommended completion dates so that you can hit the ground running and track your progress.

Meanwhile, our flexible course delivery and multimedia content means that you can prepare and study in your own time, even during the daily commute, ensuring you squeeze the most out of your available time and no opportunity for study is wasted. Preparation for the QLTS assessments includes reading through textbooks, watching video tutorials, answering hundreds of self-assessment practice questions and attempting mock exams, which, according to past candidates who have passed the QLTS assessments the first timeis the most important element in the preparation and key to success in the assessments.

Thursday, November 12th, 0.Interested candidates are advised to register themselves for QLTS after going through all the details provided on its authorized web site- qlts.

qlts exam syllabus

Keep visiting this website for the latest notifications. Click Here for Latest Exam Date. All applicants must be a qualified lawyer in a recognized Jurisdiction with satisfactory command on English and must have followed the full route to qualification in the recognized Jurisdiction. Apart from this, they must be eligible to practice as a qualified lawyer in their own Jurisdiction and have all the suitable and characteristics of a solicitor before applying.

Applicants need to download the prescribed application forms from the official site- qlts. Incomplete forms may result in cancellation of registration. Once applicants are done will filling up of their forms, they are requested to send this completed form to the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA accompanied with the prescribed fee and other vital documents in support of your academic and professional experience and qualifications.

The procedure of issuing certificates might take around 1 to 4 months. Find More Admission Details. Candidates are permitted to attempt only for 3 times at maximum during the validity of their certificate. Click here to download application form. About Us Contact Us. Admit Card Exam Result. Admit Card. Application Form. Entrance Exam. Exam Result.

Study In India.If you are a foreign lawyer from one of the recognized jurisdictionsthen you are eligible to take the QLTS assessments and qualify as a solicitor of England and Wales. Note that your qualification in the recognized jurisdictions is not checked at the time of taking the QLTS.


Rather, they are checked at the last stage, after you have cleared the QLTS assessments. As such, you do not require a practicing certificate in order to take the exams.

So, for instance, if you are a law student in India who is just about to take the bar exam and register with the relevant state bar council, then you could register to take the first stage of the QLTS i. At the same time, it is important to think ahead and make sure that you are eligible to qualify as a solicitor prior to going through the drill of the QLTS assessments.

For details of the documents you would ultimately need to seek admission to the roll of solicitors in England and Wales, please read this article. The QLTS assessments comprises two stages. The MCT is a computer-based assessment administered across various test centers around the world including China, New York, India, London, Scotland and selected cities in mainland Europe.

You do not have to travel to London to take this test. Bear in mind that spaces in the test centers are limited so please be sure to register well in advance to secure a seat. The assessment is divided into 2 sessions of 2 hours 45 minutes each, with 90 questions in each session.

There is a break of 60 minutes between the sessions during which you may leave the test centre. The objective is to pass the assessments and the pass mark is set by the SRA.

There is no negative marking and you are scored on the basis of the number of correct answers. Again, bear in mind that the most convenient days for outstation candidates i. Part 1 and Part 2 within 1 -2 days of each other fill up quickly and so please be sure to register in time. That means six assessments for each of the three subjects totaling to 18 assessments.

Part I and Part II are each administered over three days, with a day allocated for each subject. In other words, you have six days of assessments which can be quite daunting! You could also take Part II first followed by Part I depending on the exam dates, but they have to be taken at the same sitting i. The links are provided below for your ready reference:. As mentioned above, please ensure you register well in advance as seats for the MCT fill up fast. In addition, in relation to the OSCE, the most convenient days for outstation candidates i.

Part I and Part II administered within days of each other also fill up quickly. Skip to content. Eligibility Criteria. The Assessments. Watch the very useful video by Kaplan on what to expect on the assessment days:. The MCT comprises multiple choice questions equally spread over the below 11 subjects.

Register for the Assessments.Created by university professors and taught on campus with Live Tuition. Since we've trained thousands of happy clients and we know exactly what it takes to help you on your way to becoming a dual-qualified English Solicitor.

Get to know us and find out why the Advantage is real. Two full rounds of Live Tuition to ensure you pass in Nov. Discover the many Exclusives that make us 1! It's the key to our delegates' ongoing success.

Promoted to Associate Professor in April, He's also an active Barrister, serving numerous high profile cases such as a recent appeal concerning chemical weapons. Watch his latest MCT classroom session above. A former winner of a national award for Plain English drafting, Stella has spent much of her career training lawyers in major City law firms, and is currently directing her talents towards training new Solicitors at City Law for their QLTS program. Graduated from University of Cambridge, Law, First Class honours, and has 17 years' experience in legal training, including delivering courses, designing paper and on-line materials, leading course design teams and developing course design policy.

As the joint editor of European Law Review, Panos contributed to training programmes for judges and civil servants and he's also a member of the Athens Bar. He has written extensively on the law of the external relations of the European Union, covering trade, economic and political relations as well as the Union's security and defense policy. Currently the Acting Module Leader for English Legal System LLBEdward's experience includes working with a major management consultancy practice on change management and regulatory projects across financial services and the public sector.

I found the overview lecture in each subject extremely helpful, to give me a general picture and clear structure of key points to memorise before the exam. As a lawyer in civil law background, the knowledge of Probate and Property is very different and your courses help a lot in this respect, which I believe is one of the most important reasons I passed the OSCE on the first attempt. The access to LexisNexis is another great aspect of your service.

I wanted to thank you and the team for overall high quality videos and study materials which greatly assisted me.

I appreciated that I was able to use your material in a very tactical manner, which allowed me to study while working full time and not overstudy. You also have a very responsive team of individuals administering the program, so I never felt like there was a machine on the other side auto-responding to my emails. The theory is one side of things, but the way it is taught through QLTS Advantage is closer to what the actual exams are like. By teaching through a practical method, the actual exams were less daunting.

I work in a busy aviation finance practice in Dubai and didn't get too much time to studybut your videos and exercises together with the guidance on how to work the outcomes and gateways were very helpful.