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If you want to keep your web browser organized, it would be best to keep the number of your active tabs to the minimum. If you have opened multiple tabs, you might as well check for duplicate tabs. These are the tabs that are pointing to the same websites or web pages. How to automatically close duplicate tabs in Chrome Open your Chrome web browser. Once the extension is active, all you need to do is to open a tab and then go to a website or page.

To see whether the extension works, try to open a new tab and then go to the same website or page as your first tab. Apart from that, the extension will immediately redirect you to the first tab. On the Clutter Free options page, you may add certain sites and tabs to whitelist. You may also change or update the way how the extension acts upon your duplicate browser tabs. Aside from preventing duplicate tabs, you can also use the Clutter Free extension to duplicate an existing tab via context right-click menu.

If you click on its icon, you can also choose to restore all tabs from startup. Related Posts. Previous Post. Next Post. About Kent. Writes reviews in her free time.

prevent duplicate tabs chrome javascript

Full-time freelancer. Currently hooked to playing ArcheAge and watching loads of K-Pop reaction videos online.Google Chrome often gets sluggish when you have a lot of tabs open at the same time. Sometimes, the memory consumed by Chrome is so much that it starts freezing the screen and killing the pages. For example, when you are multitasking or searching in depth, you tend to open tens of tabs resulting in laggard performance.

The culprit is surely those innumerable tabs, most of which are of same sites. These duplicate tabs with the same URL lie in your tab bar unnecessarily, eventually making your browser slow. We have reviewed the extension previously.

The extension is of great use, saving a lot of memory by grouping all your open tabs under one tab. But why would you consider keeping the same tabs open after all?

You can reuse already opened tabs by instructing Chrome to jump to them whenever we open new tab with same URL. This is possible with the help of extensions that will redirect you to existing tab if it finds you opening duplicate tab of same URL. Duplicate Tab Helper prevents duplicate pages at the moment new tabs are opened.

The extension searches for duplicate URLs and if found, the newer tab will be replaced with the existing tab without any efforts. The extension uses extreme caution while searching for duplicate tabs.

It even keeps some tabs for your safety and positive browsing experience. Very useful for doing research and quietly makes your browsing experience more easy and enjoyable. Clutter Free is a must extension if you have a habit of opening multiple tabs. The extension provides better browsing experience by simply closing down the tabs containing the same URL. New tabs with the same URL will be replaced by the older ones.

When you whitelist a page, Clutter Free will not suspend the tab if you open the same page again. Really useful for the cases where the site content changes but not the URL. By white listing in Clutter Free you can have both the tabs open simultaneously. As compared to other extensions, Unique Tabs displays a notification before closing tab. Install these extensions to save a lot of memory in your Chrome.

Say Goodbye To Duplicate Tabs in Chrome - Tekzilla Daily Tip

Even though all the extensions perform the same function with almost the same speed, we will prefer Clutter Free as it provides you with the option to whitelist pages.

You can open the same page in another tab without the tab been closed down by the extension. Try these to have a better surfing experience. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

We are unofficial tech blog that covers little known tips and tricks of Google Products… read more. We are not affiliated with Google. By Akhil Nair in Google Chrome.Prevent Duplicate Tabs is a Chrome extension that prevents you from opening multiple tabs of the same site. The extension can ensure that there is only a single page open of a particular domain or that there are no duplicate URLs open across any one window. The extension works in two modes; one ensuring no duplicate URLs are open and the other preventing duplicate tabs open from the same domain being open.

The extension adds an icon next to the URL bar that can be clicked to toggle between the modes or to deactivate the extension. When the icon arrow is green, the extension will prevent duplicate URLs from opening. If you already had two pages from the site before switching to this mode, the previous tabs will not close, however, if you open a new link from the same site, the new link will open and all previously opened links from the same domain will be closed.

When the arrow on the extension icon is red, it indicates the extension is inactive and you can open as many pages of the same site as you want.

prevent duplicate tabs chrome javascript

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Tab object containing details about the duplicated tab. The Tab object only contains urltitle and favIconUrl if the extension has the "tabs" permission.

If any error occurs the promise will be rejected with an error message. Note : Beginning with Firefox 68, the promise returned by browser. Previously, the promise only resolved once the tab had fully been loaded. This API is based on Chromium's chrome.

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Browser extensions Getting started What are extensions? Your first extension Your second extension Anatomy of an extension Example extensions What next? Alternately, Chrome allows use of this method with the activeTab permission and a qualifying user gesture.

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How to Close Duplicate Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

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Chrome Full support Yes. Edge Full support Firefox Full support Opera Full support Yes.Follow these steps to disable JavaScript in Google's Chrome browser:. Open the Chrome browser and click on Chrome's main menu button, which appears as three vertically-aligned dots located in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window.

From the menu, select Settings. Chrome's Settings should now be displayed in a new tab or window, depending on your configuration. The settings page will expand to display more options. Blocking JavaScript can disable a lot of functionality on websites, and may even make some sites unusable.

Blocking JavaScript in Chrome isn't an all-or-nothing setting, however; you can choose to block specific sites, or, if you block all JavaScript, set exceptions for specific websites you define. You will find these settings in the JavaScript section of the Chrome settings as well.

Prevent Chrome from Opening Duplicate Tabs of Same URL

Beneath the switch to disable all JavaScript are two sections, Block and Allow. Use the Block section when you have the JavaScript switch set to enabled see above. Use the Allow section when you have the switch above set to disable all JavaScript. There can be a number of different reasons why you may want to temporarily disable JavaScript code from running in your browser.

The biggest reason is for security. You may also want to disable JavaScript because it is malfunctioning on a site and causing problems with your browser. Malfunctioning JavaScript could prevent a page from loading, or even cause your browser to crash.

Preventing JavaScript from running may allow you to still view content on a page, just without the added functionality JavaScript would usually provide. If you have your own website, you may need to disable JavaScript to troubleshoot issues.

For example, if you're using a content management tool like WordPress, JavaScript code you add or even a plug-in with JavaScript might require that you disable JavaScript in order to identify and fix the problem. Browsers Chrome Safari Firefox Microsoft. Tweet Share Email. Click on JavaScript. Click the radio buttonand then click Done to return to the previous screen and continue with your browsing session.

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According to the documentation for chrome. How exactly do you use this to get results? All of my attempts end up with undefined being passed to the callback. I have tried returning a value at the end of my content script, which threw a Uncaught SyntaxError: Illegal return statement. I feel like I am not understanding what is meant by "The result of the script in every injected frame", in the documentation. Generally, this will be the same thing that the console would display as the results of the execution not console.

If your code is short, you can try executing it from the console. Here is some example code taken from another answer of mine :.

This will inject a content script to get the. As an example of what these produce, you can open up the web page console F12 and type in document. Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 7k times. Makyen RayfenWindspear RayfenWindspear 4, 18 18 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. Possible duplicate of about chrome.

‘Prevent Duplicate Tabs’ Keeps Chrome From Opening Pages From Same URL

The other is quite general. Active Oldest Votes. Here is some example code taken from another answer of mine : chrome.When dealing with critical platforms it is expected that the session is ended when the user closes the tab.

We save the token in the sessionStorage, send it as an header with every request to the server in order to authenticate the user.

It is pretty common even in single page application that the user will want to use multiple tabs.

prevent duplicate tabs chrome javascript

The afordmentioned security enahncment of saving the token in the sessionStorage will create some bad UX in the form of requesting the user to re-login with every tab he opens. Right, sessionStorage is not shared across tabs. The way I solved it is by using localStorage events. When a user opens a new tab, we first ask any other tab that is opened if he already have the sessionStorage for us.

The data is shared through the event payload and not the localStorage itself. We now have what is probably the most secure way to cache session tokens in the browser and without compromising the multiple tabs user-experience.

prevent duplicate tabs chrome javascript

In this way when the user closes the tab he knows for sure that the session is gone. Or is it?! Damn it! That until Chrome and Firefox will resolve this bug. Even with this bug, using the sessionStorage is still safer than session-cookie or any other alternative.

Close the tab and the session is gone — for real this time. The downsides is that when having only one tab, a browser refresh will force the user to re-login.

Security comes with a price, obviously this is not recommended for any type of system. Set the memoryStorage and open multiple tabs to see it shared between them. Menu Close Home Subscribe. But what about multiple tabs?