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It also describes the choices available…. The Zen Amp concept is an exploration of how well you can make a simple audio amplifier perform. It makes for an interesting illustration of design technique, since more complex circuits are inevitably composed of collections of simple circuits, and it is well recognized that the optimization of these simple sub circuits is usually the key to getting the most out of the larger circuit.

Apart from that, there is aesthetic pleasure in rendering a device in a simple way. Also we find that, other things being roughly equal, simple circuits sound better musically. The Zen series has so far… More Audiophiles seem to revel in minor controversies — vinyl vs CD's, tubes versus solid state, capacitor, wires, magic dots Accusations are occasionally made that objectivists can't hear, and… More Logo goes here. Remember Me.

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Forgotten Password. Previously Featured Builds scott scott This is my first diy attempt at a high performance piece of audio equipment. Ever since I can… More General Inquiries: sherilyn passlabs.

All rights reserved Telephone: By looking at the schematic, the first stage using 2SK as source follower, much like a buffer stageand directly feed into IRFP, operate as a class A single ended amplifier with another IRFP as constant current source.

The detail of whole design had been explained in FirstWatt page. I also bought a small casing with two heatsink on its side and seems just enough to put everything in it. The heat measured 10mm thick which is more than enough to dissipate heats from the Mosfet.

I found that silicone heat compound are needed to dissipate heat to heatsink fast. My power supply measured around 22V DC with load. A VA toroidal transformer is more than enough for both channel.

The current measured are around 1. Most of the time, I will try to avoid any pre-amp if the power amp can provide enough gain. I used APLS blue pot volume control. I adjust a little bit of feedback resistor to increase gain slightly. The whole amplifier measured around 23cm X 26cm X 10cm, small enough for me to pass around among my friend to try out. Sound test proved that simple Mosfet in single ended class A like this sounds really close to vacuum tube amplifier, warm and a lot of detail.

Amp Camp Amp PCB on heat sink I also bought a small casing with two heatsink on its side and seems just enough to put everything in it. DIY Amp Camp amplifier top view Most of the time, I will try to avoid any pre-amp if the power amp can provide enough gain. Video uploaded to youtube:. Close Menu.A majority of the audio world had a facelift in the early s.

The silver-faced receivers from the Japanese majors were replaced with separates here and abroad with a more modern look that could have been at home on the space shuttle.

Adcom was one of the champions of reasonably priced high end gear that played beyond its price point. Nelson Pass was brought in as consultant for the now legendary GFA series amplifiers that were designed with an austere black finish, with white and silver models available as special-order options.

The press reacted favorably to these amplifiers and they sold extremely well. This led Adcom to develop theand series preamplifiers that had a matching design aesthetic along with their operational simplicity.

Nelson Pass had nothing to do with the design of the Adcom preamplifiers, only the power amplifiers The horizontal louvers running along the top of those early Adcom pieces became a visual signature for Adcom for 25 years, as distinctive as the blue McIntosh meters. These were also great preamplifiers that included a high-quality FM tuner at a reasonable price. But my favorite piece from this period was the GFP, which did not include a tuner. This preamplifier had a very straightforward design, making use of control knobs with a pointer shape that left no doubt as to where they were set, along with a simple tape-monitor layout that was easy to use, as many of us still had tape decks back then.

Recognizing that budding and some seasoned audiophiles still wanted basic tone controls, the GTP had very useable bass and treble controls that only worked at the extremes of the frequency spectrum, as well as a loudness contour button. Low and high filter buttons were also included for those still listening to grumbly turntables or AM radio. There are even a few convenience outlets on the back panel to remind you of the days of audiophilia before power cords became a component.

A look under the hood of the GFP shows it to be an extremely simple layout. The simple gain-path philosophy is readily apparent. There really are not many components soldered onto the board, helping to explain the rather relaxed, non-technical sound. The dilemma that the potential GFP buyer faces is whether to purchase an original or a mk. The mk. II has a beefier power supply and some signal path upgrades, but the original features a low-output moving-coil phono option ohm impedance as well as variable capacitance loading on the moving magnet phono input.

Both units fetch about the same price on the used market, so choose according to your needs. IIthough the option of bypassing the output capacitors in the mk. II has been eliminated because, Adcom claims, the high-quality caps now used do not affect the output signal. Purists can still bypass the output capacitors on the mk. II, but it is a permanent move that requires jumpers and soldering iron.

A Beautiful "Class A" Amplifier Kit

Still a solid performer. The big question with vintage gear is how well it physically stands the test of time. Almost all components 25 years old or older will probably require some or all of the capacitors to be replaced, and that should be factored into the purchase price. The review piece did have one cap replaced about a year ago, but it was given a clean bill of health upon inspection. The technician involved even offered to buy the unit. The previous owner had taken good care of this preamplifier, so the buttons still worked fine and there were no scratches on the knobs or front panel.

The technician mentioned that durability of mechanical parts was a strong point of Adcom units of that era.A complete kit consists of a parts kitpower supply and the chassis. You don't need anything else!

All current production batches have now sold out. The next batch to be produced will be shipping Januaryand is available for pre-ordering now. Please ensure you are familiar with how our pre-orders work.

These changes are shown clearly on the V1. We are slowly updating the site and build guides with V1. The official V1. The Amp Camp Amp was created by Nelson Pass for a special event called "Amp Camp" in which 20 people built their very first amplifier from start to finish in one afternoon.

The event was held outdoors on a lovely sunny day in California and all attendees walked away with a fully functioning amplifier and a smile on their dials. Naturally, other people wanted share that same amazing experience of successfully building their first amplifier so diyAudio has created the three essential ingredients you need for that same journey - the parts, the instructions, and the community.

Read more in the Amp Camp Amp article hosted on diyAudio. Once you build the Amp Camp Amp you'll never look at power and distortion figures the same way again. Each channel is just 8 watts, but they're very good watts. The amp has enough power for medium to high efficiency speakers at normal listening levels. They sound even better bi-amped with an active crossover. Detailed Build Guide We've put together an all new detailed build guide for the new ACA complete with step by step photos and instructions so you're never lost.

Quick and Easy to Build Even a kid can build it and many have! Designed by an Audio Legend - Nelson Pass Nelson's company Pass Labs makes some of the finest and most expensive amplifiers in the world. This amplifier has its roots in decades of award winning amplifier design experience. Minimalist Amplifier Topology Less is more. Nelson is famous for his "Zen" approach to design and this amp is no exception - it's a minimalist circuit that delivers purity through simplicity.

Class A amplifiers are always operating in their sweet spot, which is why people say they sound "silky smooth". We've just launched " diyAudio Guides " betaa brand new place to find and share knowledge about audio DIY. Follow step-by-step on your phone or tablet while you're actually building the amp or printed the guide as a PDF - it's never been easier to complete your Amp Camp Amp in one sitting!

nelson pass dac

And you wouldn't get the tapped holes or front and rear panels drilled. And then there's your time in buying all the parts and working the chassis More specifications found in the original ACA V1.Nelson Pass.

Kitchen table venture. Surely all this has been active long enough to no longer catch our readers in the dark. For a light switch reminder, reviews of the F1 thru F4 plus Aleph J have all the relevant information covered solid in our archives.

Here's what bears repeating though. By design, all FirstWatt products are tailored to certain very specific uses.

As the name gives away, those are focused on the higher-sensitivity speakers that come on song within the very first watt to consume little power. So exclude, eliminate, focus, optimize, perfect. That would be limited editions ofwith each amp model -- and five line-level products are in the chute next -- custom-tailored for very narrow applications. A low-power amp with JFETs for output devices. A pure power buffer with zero voltage gain.

And, as the odd one out by being a perfectly normal amp in this group of eccentricities, a new installment of the classic Aleph circuit with JFETs at the input, hence Aleph J.

That's been Nelson's output under FirstWatt thus far. Each JFET has its own feedback so there are two separate and independent feedback loops to this amplifier.

The input impedance is Kohm and the output impedance 0. The noise is about 30uV. Because the output stage employs only two output devices per side which are capable of very high current, deliberate limiting is set by 3-watt power resistors to the source pins of the MOSFETS to increase thermal stability and serve as convenient current-sensing elements.

The amplifier with 24V supply rails is good for a watt peak into 8 ohms or about 2. For a 4-ohm load we would want 5 amps and for a 2-ohm load, 10 amps. Since we only have two output devices, we probably are best off stopping there to ensure against damage into dead shorts. Current limiting gets a bad rap in general, but I think it's a matter of where and how the limits are set.

In toto, a nice little amplifier without too many parts that sounds great. Nelson's haiku instructions to thinking DIYers are for the hands-on crowd. Amazingly here, detailed instructions on how to roll your own are out prior to first commercial units. To hell with commercial considerations. Off to fun 'n' games.

That's been the prevailing attitude of this kitchen table effort all along: " The B1, a buffered "passive" using my new Jfet buffer is in production, that is to say I have stuffed one up and it works.

I have the boards for another 10, so it will be waltzing shortly. The specs are fabulous and it will be really interesting to see if the buffer solves the age-old passive problem that people have. I think it will, insofar as the concept worked very well for our INT integrated, which is really just an X This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below.

COMPARISON TEST: Nelson Pass Amp Camp Amp (kit), Schiit Aegir, First Watt J2 and...

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nelson pass dac

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nelson pass dac

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