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Google Translate:. Hello all. I recently had electric window problems I can lock all doors from the drivers door The battery is very week I have looked under the passenger seat and all looks fine to me I sat in the car and tried the fob right by the fuse area Also while fixing the doors the red light on the bottom of the door suddenly stopped working Any advice will be very much appreciated.

Thank you Daniel. I would re visit the door wiring as you have either caused another to break while in there repairing or pushed back some connector blocks in the socket on A or B post while refitting the door loom plugs I would think. Worth giving the battery a charge up aswell to make sure you are testing with a good 12v supply.

If the red light worked before and doesn't now when pressing the key try watching it as you start the engine - does it come on? If it does not then its possible if you've removed the door card as part of the repair process that you have unplugged it, though just as likely that its down to broken wires.

If it does come on I'd try resyncing the key fob, plus a new battery in the key wouldn't go a miss. But get the car's own battery charged first as it may be the controller playing up due to a lack of electricity. Ok thank you I will go check the wiring and plugs again now while its still light. The light in the front door went off when I touched the wiring in the rear door I saw it go off and thought Hmmm thats annoying lol Anyway I will pop out now and have a look.

And all plugs are on inside the door I checked them before I put the door card back on There must be a special tool for the job because a flat blade screw driver Thank you. Quote from: supernube on June 04,PM. Hello, New user here. When using the buttons on the drivers door wouldn't open but the others would, then next time around it would open.

Tried re syncing the key as the manual said now I have no Central Locking, either using the key in the lock or pushing the button. I have also lost the wee red light on the door, Fuse 27 is fine. Does anyone know if there are some more fuses hidden in the car??? Found one wire broken at the Terminal Block leading from door into Pillar A, am using a voltmeter to see if any more are broken but think that the Red Light must be part of my problem.Jump to content.

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Please log in to reply. Posted 27 June - PM hi guys newbie here ive got a 1. Posted 27 June - PM Hi and welcome. If that does not work, then check the wiring loom between the drivers door as it's a well known fact for cables to fray over time.

I had the same problem with the missus whilst doing her shopping, came out, no opening of doors with fob. I haven't had the chance to look at the wiring loom yet. If that fails, then an auto-electrician will be visited soon as i miss opening the doors from a distance! Posted 27 June - PM thanks for the advice i think i need to programme central locking first and then the key fob using the programme mode. If you have the manual check which fuse s are for the Central Locking and check those.

I also have a nagging recollection, particularly bearing in mind thta the battery has just been changed, that you can have similar issues if one of the wires connected to the battery has not been refitted, though I may be wrong.

Here's a picture of my TDI Ghia with the battery out. I would check those first myself because it's easy! If so check that the other end is grounded properly. It shouldn't do any harm.

Mine was disconnected overnight while I was working on it and everything just worked once I'd put the radio code in. While your there open the little fuse box under the battery cover that the battery positive wire goes to. Posted 28 June - PM ok, just double checked all the wires and everything is fine, battery clamps all nice and tight and all fuses working too.

Let us know what you find out, you may help me out at the same time but i still think my problem lies at the door pillar wire gaitor, just need to wait for some decent weather and a day off from work to investigate. Though it's a bit of a coincidence for the wire to fail at the exact time you changed the battery, they are notorious - and if you usually use the fob, perhaps it could have gone a day or two before?

If the wire has gone, you can't work central locking unlock from door lock or trigger the re-sync sequence Need an account? Register now!

I've forgotten my password. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list.Ford Galaxy. Galaxy Mk1, Mk2 Galaxy Mk3 Galaxy Mk4 present. Circuits Protected. Dipped beam left-hand side, headlight levelling left-hand side, instrument cluster.

Dipped beam right-hand side, headlight levelling right-hand side, instrument cluster. Number plate light, parking lights. Rear screen wiper, 2nd heat exchanger. Wiper motor, heated washer jets. Heater blower, air conditioning. Tail light right-hand side, chime, right side marker light. Tail light left-hand side, chime, left side marker light. Heated rear screen. Exterior lighting switch, fog lamps, rear fog lamps. Main beam left-hand side, main beam control light. Main beam right-hand side.

Reversing lights, automatic transmission, interior lights. EWS or engine control unit, crankcase heater. Digital clock, front interior lights, instrument cluster. Direction indicator. Fuel shut-off switch, engine control unit or fuel pump, Hego-sensor.

Brake light switch, brake lights, trailer coupling. Cigar lighter. Cooling blower, air conditioning. Wiper motor. Preheat system. Engine control unit. Hego sensor heater. Heated windscreen. ABS - hydraulic unit. ABS - valves. Central locking. Horn anti-theft alarm system. Hazard flasher anti-theft alarm system.

ford galaxy mk2 central locking fuse full version

Blower auxiliary heating. Rear blower air conditioning. Permanent plus trailer coupling. Electrically operated windows. Electrically operated seats.My wife has just bought her first car a Ford Ka.

And the when you need to lock it you have to lock the drivers side with the key and then walk round and lock the passenger side. A quick look in the fuse box and discovered there was no fuse there. I have taken the fuse back out so she can still lock it.

If it's dealer take it back to them as they would definitely known there was a fault, hard to miss. As for fixing it, may be a duff central locking motor on the drivers door, a good auto electrician should be able to diagnose. Thanks for the advice it was a private seller who's phone is now conveniently switched it. A bit annoyed with myself as I checked everything else before she bought it but never thought of seeing if the central locking worked. The problem nowadays is a fair amount of "private" sellers are actually unscruplous dealers who get trade in's which are a bit ropey and rather than go through the process of checking and guaranteeing them just throw a bucket over them and stick them on the free ads or put a sign in them on the side of a road.

ford galaxy mk2 central locking fuse full version

I have never and will probably never buy a roadside bargain as it's very much a case of buyer beware. I'd still try to find the little and punt him in the pods. Not that i'd condone violence of course. You can post now and register later.

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1995−2006 Ford Galaxy Fuse Box Diagram

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted January 5, First post here so hello to everyone My wife has just bought her first car a Ford Ka.

Thanks very much. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Obviously someone had the fault and removed the fuse to avoid fixing it.

ford galaxy mk2 central locking fuse full version

Was it a dealer purchase or a private sale? Sale of goods act applies and they should redress the problem. Private sale - then it was obviously an existing problem they did not disclose to you. Fuses don't remove themselves. I'd go and give them a good kick in the love spuds. They're not expensive and mobile ones are usually pretty good.

Let me know how you get on.I have a problem with the central locking on my 07 plate Galaxy. The rear near side door will not unlock and the child locks are active due to us having two young children. This means we can now not open the door. I have tried locking and unlocking over and over, pushing and pulling the door whilst trying to unlock, and also pulling out the internal lock whilst pulling the external door handle.

Still no luck. There appears to be power getting to the lock as you can hear movement in the lock location, but nothing happens. The locking switch also jumps back in as soon as you pull it out and also tries to move when using the key fob suggesting something may be jammed but trying to work. I can not get the internal panel off as the screws are only accessable with the door in the open position. Suspected the problem was not a common fault judging by the lack of response to the post, so the car went in to the main dealer.

Fault diagnosed as the solonoid in the switch mechanism so all replaced as it is one unit. At least the door panel was left intact as the door could be opened to remove the screws properely Anyway quite relieved as expected a very hefty bill but ended up just being the part cost and two hours labour.

So overall good result, but disappointed with such a failure on a car just over 3 yrs old. From choosing the right tyre to what to do when it goes wrong - we have the answers. Ismiles too high on a used van I'm interested in? Dealer has been unsuccessfully trying to fix an issue for weeks.

What if it can't be fixed? What charger do you recommend for keeping a car's battery healthy? Do you think electric cars are putting buyers off internal combustion engine cars?

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Tue 13 Jul Reply Report as offensive Link. Thu 22 Jul Tyre News And Advice. Related questions. Key fobs to the cars in our street all stopped working at once. Is someone trying to steal a vehicle? Recently, my daughter couldn't get into her car with the key fob a number of times.

She had the car checked by a garage and no problem existed at the time, no battery was changed but the problem went away Should I turn off the keyless entry on my new car? Should I turn off the keyless entry or have the changes made it more secure?By thebaldoneApril 4, in Ford Galaxy Club. Son has just bought a P reg Galaxy and although most things are fine, the central locking will only operate the drivers door?

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When you turn the key, you can hear the motor in the drivers side rear door but nothing happens. No motor noise from the passenger side at all? I dont know the answer to this but are you sure this is not a security feature? No fob that's also part of the problem! Only given a single key when he bought it. Hence other post. I can hear the motors go in the offside passenger door and the boot but nothing on the nearside doors at all?

Central Locking Programming Mk2

Looks like. Drivers door locks fine but I assume that's the actual key doing that rather than central locking. On closer inspection, it looks like some clever person has removed the ECU from under the passenger seat! Perhaps the old one was faulty and did not lock the car properly. Gonna try that but the local ones reckon Gal spares are very hard to come by! Looking at the state of the plugs, it looks like the whole area got a dorwning at some time!! Looking at the state of the plugs left then I'd say yes!

They are in a pretty bad way so I am going to. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.

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ford galaxy mk2 central locking fuse full version

Recent Forum Topics:. Google Translate:. Been having terrible trouble with my central locking recently. It's been intermittent for a couple of weeks but there's been all sorts of crazy things happening with it the last couple of days. At the moment the only door which locks either with the fob or the global lock switch is the driver door. Now and again the passenger will give a little wibble in sympathy but won't lock fully. Also the driver's rear will no longer lock manually from the inside and appears to have resistance on the internal handle when I do try and push it to lock, although it opens fine from the outside.

I have checked continuity with a multimeter on every wire in all four doors by removing the connector from the A and B pillars and using a sharp probe on the wire just where it exits the door frame to the pins on the connector - all seem okay no visible breaks or signs of damage either.

Earlier this evening I was trying the global lock switch a few times and all the internal lights stayed on and wouldn't turn off, even when the driver's door was locked and immobiliser armed!! Had to disconnect the battery for a few minutes and re-connect which has cured the lighting problem but the central locking is still the same - just locking the driver door.

I'm at my wits end now - any suggestions very welcome! Hi Gregers Mirez Pondering the next mod Ha, I've just this minute come in from repairing a wire in my tailgate Continuity isn't the issue here, its a short between the wiring caused by a breakdown in the insulation and its not always visible btw. From my experience, the rear doors and tailgate are the prone ones - FYI, All the wiring runs in the right hand grommet of the tailgate.

Ah righto, thanks Mirez. I'm thinking I'll start with the rear driver's side door then, as that's the one that's giving me issues with the internal manual lock too. Just wondering, if there is a short in the wiring in the rear driver door harness could this then affect other doors or is it more likely those other doors have wiring problems too? It certainly could, its all "computer" driven at the end of the day - rouge signals and shorts confuse the ECU into doing weird and wonderful things that effect the whole locking system.