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The most valuable sports trading cards were produced through Trading cards made from on were overproduced, but there are some valuable modern cards.

Vintage memorabilia associated with Hall of Fame players is always highly sought after by collectors. The older, rarer and more historically significant items sell for higher value. Sports memorabilia items are a bit different than sports trading cards because they don't always have to be vintage in order to be rare or command significant collector interest.

For example, more recent items such as: game worn jerseys, autographed equipment, or historically significant game-used balls are often sought after by collectors with the same passion as vintage memorabilia. While the companies producing cards today prominently display their name and logos, this has not always been the case.

When looking at vintage cards, the back of a card is often more useful than the front in identifying the origin. Card backs usually include an issuer or sponsor's name either spelled out completely or in abbreviated form, i. The biographical or statistical information found on card backs also provide other important clues in determining a card's general age, if not specific year of issue. For example, if a Willie Mays card documents his statistical history through the season, the date of issue for that card would most likely be Sports card makers, dating back to the 19th century, have commonly assigned numbers to card backs in order to facilitate the collecting of a complete set.

Cards that were numbered in this manner by their manufacturer are normally listed in that order. In the case of unnumbered card issues, the most common practice is to list the cards in the set by alphabetical order using the players' last names.

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dale earnhardt collectibles worth money

The prices listed in these references are a good starting point, and can provide you with insight about rarity and premiums for a particular card. However, the references are printed annually, while the market for a particular sports card can often change in a few weeks, often making printed prices inaccurate.

Keep in mind also that printed references generally provide high retail values for cards in a fairly high grade, while cards in lower grades or with damage may be worth much less. Search Auction Archives. A number of factors are involved in deciding whether or not a card should be submitted to a grading service such as PSA or SGC. First are condition and value, if the card is not of sufficient value, it is not in your best interest to have the card certified.

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Charges for formal written appraisals are based on our experts' time. Appraisal fee schedule can be viewed here. Get Free Evaluation. We are always looking for quality vintage memorabilia and sports cards to purchase or auction.Diecast Registry www. The data shown below comes from the Diecast Registry price guide - with their permission of course!

Dale Earnhardt Sr. This diecast was never approved for production, and therefore only prototypes exist; 6 prototypes are believed to have been made. Getting your hands on one is very difficult. The remainder of the diecast appearing in this list are regular production diecast. The paint scheme is actually a preview of what the Lowe's paint scheme was going to look like, and carries a special decal honoring Johnson's th start on the decklid.

This diecast was sold trackside at Charlotte Motor Speedway starting on Thursday October 9th, and quickly sold out When this diecast was released init was the lowest production quantity diecast ever made.

You can learn much more about this diecast in the Diecast Registry price guide. Excluding the above Dale Earnhardt diecast, the next most valuable on his impressive list is this rare example. In fact, all of the Honoring Our Soldiers models produced by Action Lionel are in very high demand. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

What's the most valuable Dale Earnhardt Jr diecast? Here is a sneak-peak at the diecast value trend chart from the Diecast Registry price guide:. This diecast was produced to commemorate Richard Petty's Hall of Fame induction. Only 25 units were produced. Check it out when you have a chance.

Only 25 units were produced in a beautiful white gold finish. The most valuable Hot Wheels racing diecast produced in the modern era i.Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr. Also, his success at the restrictor plate tracks of Daytona and Talladega earned him the nickname, "Mr. Restrictor Plate". In FebruaryEarnhardt died due to injuries sustained in a collision during the final lap of the Daytonaan event that was widely lamented in the racing industry. Although Ralph did not want his son to pursue a career as a race car driver, Dale dropped out of school to pursue his dreams.

Ralph was a hard teacher for Dale, and after Ralph died of a heart attack at his home in at age 45, it took many years before Dale felt as though he had finally "proven" himself to his father.

dale earnhardt collectibles worth money

Earnhardt had four siblings: two brothers, Danny and Randy died ; [8] and two sisters, Cathy and Kaye died Inat the age of 17, Earnhardt married his first wife, Latane Brown.

With her, Earnhardt fathered his first son, Kerrya year later.

Dale Earnhardt Racing Trading Card Values

Earnhardt and Latane divorced in Not long after Dale Jr. Earnhardt then married his third and final wife, Teresa Houstonin She gave birth to their daughter, Taylor Nicole Earnhardt, in Taylor and her husband, Brandon Putnam, are professional rodeo performers. He drove the No. Earnhardt competed in eight more races until When he joined car owner Rod Osterlund Racing in a season that included a rookie class of future stars including Earnhardt, Harry Gantand Terry Labonte in his rookie season, Earnhardt won one race at Bristolcaptured four poles, scored eleven Top 5s and seventeen Top 10s, and finished seventh in the points standings despite missing four races due to a broken collarbone, winning Rookie of the Year honors.

During his sophomore season, Earnhardt, now with year-old Doug Richert as his crew chief, began the season winning the Busch Clash. After just four races, Earnhardt fell out with Stacy and left the team. Earnhardt finished out the year driving Pontiacs for Richard Childress Racing and managed to place seventh in the final points standings. Earnhardt departed RCR at the end of the season, citing a lack of chemistry. The following year, at Childress's suggestion, Earnhardt joined car owner Bud Moore for the and seasons driving the No.

During the season, Earnhardt struggled. Although he won at Darlingtonhe failed to finish 15 races and completed the season 12th in points, the worst of his career. He also suffered a broken kneecap at Pocono Raceway when he flipped after contact with Tim Richmond. InEarnhardt rebounded and won his first of 12 Twin Daytona qualifying races.

He won at Nashville and at Talladegafinishing eighth in the points standings. Rudd went to Bud Moore's No.This is where I buy most of mine. They will buy them on that site too. There are some collectibles shops that will buy them. I have spent hundreds of dollars and have a large box full that I never look at and don't think they are worth much.

dale earnhardt collectibles worth money

I guess they might be like beanie babies or some other thing that we spend a lot of money on and find out later that they are not worth much. Too many were made and everyone has them. Don't know about others but at Michigan across the street from the track there are people with tents selling old Nascar stuff. Don't know where you live, or if they even do it anymore since I haven't gone over the walking bridge in 5 years, but they use too. Craig's List is a pretty good choice. Just leave some photos of what you're selling and you should get some offers in a few days.

I have photo album full of old nascar cards. I have a lot of the big trucks in the original box. Go motorbids. Some of the biggest yard sales and auctions Ive ever had or been to Diecast and Nascar collectibles were crowd favorites!!!!! Answer Save. David G, Jeff Gordon Rules!!!!! This Site Might Help You. TNA Lv 6. At the race tracks. How do you think about the answers?Hot Wheels celebrated its 50th anniversary in with one of its best years ever.

So he knows his stuff. According to Bruce, low-volume models in original condition are the cream of the crop, even when their age is showing.

The true diamonds are models with unreleased colors or wheel combinations. Pascal told us Hot Wheels can use as many as 30 different sets of wheels a year. Pascal said that just like with real cars, adding aftermarket parts or custom paint can actually devalue the original.

The cheaper Hot Wheels, known as beaters, are worth a couple dollars, at most. With Pascal as a guide, here are the hottest Hot Wheels. Although these beaters don't burn oil, they fall under the same price range as real cars that share the same term. What they don't hold in collector value, they make up for in demand from the people who turn restoring or modifying die-cast cars into an art.

These misfit Hot Wheels are high-mileage playthings, but isn't that the whole point of a toy? First issued inRodger Dodgers with a black interior are relatively common; those with the white-colored interior are rare, as pictured here, and are the ones that collectors desire. There is no shortage of Hot Wheels based on the Chevrolet Camaro, which was issued in numerous forms since its introduction as one of the original Sweet Sixteen cars.

This brown-over-white version is one of the rarest, and some collectors claim it was only ever used for store display purposes. Reportedly the first Hot Wheels car to make the transition from the drawing board to production, the Enamel White Camaro was intended as a prototype for designers to use as a muse.

Some of them were mistakenly packaged and sent to stores, however, making each one another rare find. Rarity does not always beget value, but in the case of the blue-colored Rodger Dodger model, it does: It was produced in ultralow volumes and is very desirable.

Designed by Larry Wood, the Superfine Turbine was one of three new castings released in It was reissued in The Red Baron is one of the most popular Hot Wheels of all time, and it has been in production on again and off again for decades. Sensing a theme yet? It is the early production model with the white interior that sets this ultra-collectible Red Baron apart from those with black interiors.

Because if there's one thing this world needed more of, it was more AMC Gremlin. The Olds was issued in the the usual array of Hot Wheels colors, but those with the combo of a red exterior and black interior are anomalies, believed by many collectors to be pre-production pieces.On race day, he led laps of laps.

Midway through, he traded paint a few times with Rusty Wallace. We were having a fun time. Then Alan Kulwicki made a late charge on laptrying to make a pass. Kulwicki slid high into turn two and Earnhardt sailed on, garnering his first victory of the season by 2.

It was only the second car Earnhardt ever raced. This one is. It's also the car he raced to his first top 10 finish on July 4, at Daytona's famed Firecracker It's a car that has never been made in diecast form This piece of history will be on display until the next class is added.

dale earnhardt collectibles worth money

The car was chosen to be featured in Dale's honor is the Chevy Monte Carlo that he drove to victory at Talladega. It was Dale's 76th and final victory. Everyone looks good in black, and the die-cast cars in the new Action Racing Collectables Black Series are no exception to that rule. This scale black-on-black special paint scheme has never been done before and is offered as an exclusive to Dealers, Master Wholesalers and Team Shops.

That was the first "special" It was one of the coolest things to see that car on the track. This was one of the last secrets in racing!

Pawn Stars: High Price for Dale Earnhardt Sr. Racing Suit (Season 16) - History

That day he showed them who was best. Plus, the RCR logo will be ink jetted on the chassis. Authentic to this program, the actual RCR set-up sheet detailing the exact chassis components and unique notes specific only to RCR and that race event. It was a fan and collector favorite, and started a massive Chevy ad campaign which featured the popular Taz cartoon character.

Peter Max wanted the car to look like it ran through a psychedelic waterfall. Love it or hate it, it's one of Dale's most popular and hardest to find diecasts. Items Shown in Blue are Pre-Order. Items Shown in Red are Special or Clearance. Wallhauler Authentic Race Car Door.


Daytona 50th Anniversary Action '08 Daytona Champion 50th Anniversary past champion commemorative. Out of Stock. Action '01 "Goodwrench". Action '00 "Peter Max" This is the car that Dale said he hated. Action '00 "Goodwrench" Richmond. Action '00 "75th Win" Platinum. Wincraft 2-Sided 3' x 5' Camo Flag.Each day we feature a diecast of the day. This diecast will include all of the exciting features offered by Diecast Registry.

Todays featured diecast is:. View the most complete and accurate racing diecast production list to determine exactly which diecast you own, and add those diecast to your Garage. Within your Garage, you can upload photos and add additional information about each diecast in your diecast collection.

Additionally, you can now view and track the total value of your diecast collection. Become a smarter diecast collector today! Updated weekly, the DCR diecast price guide is the 1 diecast price guide available online or in print. Advanced analytics are also available, including a trend chart to see if the value of a diecast is increasing or decreasing. How much does the value of a diecast increase if the driver signs it?

For the first time ever, diecast collectors can find the answers to these questions in the DCR autograph guide. Additionally, the FREE bronze membership allows buyers to shop for and make their next diecast purchase. Best of all, there are no listing fees or commissions to buy or sell diecast on DCR. How many Dale Earnhardt Jr diecast have been made? Which driver is the most popular as determined by the total number of diecast collectors have registered in our database?

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