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And no community we host has thrived quite like Choice of Games. Their Discourse has absolutely exploded over the last year, to the point that they are now the 22nd largest Discourse instance that we know of!

We recently interviewed Jason Hill and Dan Fabulich of Choice of Games to discuss how they use Discourse to power their unique community of text-based gamers and authors. We produce games in house, and we have also developed a simple scripting language for writing text-based games, ChoiceScriptwhich we make available to others for use in their projects. We host games produced by other designers using ChoiceScript on our website.

We also produce mobile versions of our games that can be played on iPhoneson Android phonesand other mobile devices. We developed ChoiceScript to make it possible indeed to make it easy for one person to develop a full-length game, to write an interactive novel and make good money selling it online. Jason: This is a short question with a very long and multi-pronged answer.

One version of an answer is that text-based computer games have a long history cf Zork. However, when the graphics turn happened in the late 80s and early 90s, malinvestment in IF resulted in a crash; since then, text-based games have been primarily a hobbyist venture. However, with the advent of mobile devices, we saw an opportunity to reinvent commercial text games for a modern audience. Jason: Moreover, narrative is timeless. Graphics may become dated, but a good story never gets old.

Jason: 35 as of July 17th. Jason: We just hired a new Editorial Assistant, so that makes the team five people. Your games are a bit different from the norm. Would you say your users are different as well? If so, how? Jason: Choice of Games has three core values: feminism, egalitarianism, and sex-positivity. We also make some of the few computer games to be broadly accessible to the blind and visually impaired, so we have a following in those communities as well.New media are often conceptualized in terms of the media they replace.

Movies were once viewed as an extension of what could already be done by stage theater. Early television series mirrored the tropes of serial radio dramas. The case is no different with video games, which have in many ways emulated the standard narrative devices of film and literature while supplementing them with competitive elements akin to most sports.

But like all new media, video games are not just an assemblage of old tricks — there strength as a medium stems from what they do that other media cannot. For games, this is the element of choice.

By providing the player with choice, or the illusion of it, games possess an intimate mode of storytelling and expression which cannot be achieved with more conventional media. This paper will explore the ways in which games can employ choice to explore morality, develop immersion, experience powerlessness, and subvert traditional narrative structure. When examining choice in games, there is one obvious limitation — most games are pre-rendered, every possible outcome anticipated in lines of code.

Whatever semblance of freedom the player may have, they are ultimately confined to the options that the games developers had the foresight to account for. No one truly has the freedom to do whatever they wish. Individuals are confined by the laws of physics, their resources and their abilities. If we accept that individuals can possess agency in a reality without absolute freedom, why is a video game arbitrarily too restrictive to allow for genuine choice?

Many games can accommodate every choice a player is reasonably likely to make, meaning a player may never even notice that they lack a truly free choice. Of course, even if a player appears to be given some choices, they are rarely, if ever, given every choice. Most games are inherently interpassive.

Players project an identity onto their avatar within a game. A movie-goer might interpassively engage with a film by taking emotional cues from its protagonist, but a game can develop this connection on a deeper level because the player is both observing and acting through their avatar. Many games allow players to customize their avatars. A player can design an avatar that reflects their idealized self, or choose whether to play as a burly knight or a stealthy assassin.

All of these choices serve to build the connection between player and avatar. From a traditional standpoint, the ability for players to control their own experience with a game appears to be an obstacle to meaningful art. Most media are carefully crafted to convey precisely what the creator intended — the perfect shot, the perfect phrase, the perfect order. By ceding control to the player, game makers forgo this level of precision.

Great video games will never be precisely crafted in the same vein as the classics of Stanley Kubrick or James Joyce. Endowing the player with choice, and therefore culpability, can give the player personal emotional investment in the story. Sony There is little to do in the game except kill these creatures, so player is only really given three options: wandering around, slaying the colossi, or turning off the game.

Nonetheless, most players will never even question whether killing the colossi is morally right. It is a video game, afterall. As the man with the magic sword, of course the player should battle these monsters. They must be evil. Several colossi will not attack unless provoked.I decided the video should be on my blog to be easily accessible to everyone who has the question.

This might be a strange blog topic from someone whose life has been devoted to being an expert dog trainer. As we all know, there's a lot that goes into being a "dog trainer" I'm often asked about where my dogs sleep at night. The short answer is "anywhere they want" which might be a surprising response. Of course, it does not start that way.

choice of games blog

We can't bring a new puppy or rescue dog into our home and have them sleep anywhere they want as that is not safe and does not create confidence or security for our new family member! So, I thought I'd give the long answer by way of a blog.

Well, I'll have to say that this is a blog post I was not planning on doing, but thanks to Pinterest, here we are! It's a look at the crates I have built into my home, so they are part of the furniture. It happens that in our Agility Nation membership program, I did a segment showing the built in dog crates and how they work, and a video clip is in this post for you. Learn a game to grow ItsYerChoice in daily life.

It's especially useful if you find your dog staring at your pocket or the toy in your hand, or any "cookie" that you may have out. It will help make you aware of your responses to your dogs responses. We all love our dogs, therefore it is difficult not to indulge them occasionally.

choice of games blog

However, I have often said, "dogs are far better at shaping people, than people are at shaping dogs! This game is going to make you aware of your responses, and how you can use what your dog finds reinforcing for the benefit of both of you.

Our dogs having value for RZ is going to be a reinforcer in it's own right for the competition ring! Your dog being by your side because he wants to be there is going to exponentially increase your joy and performance in the sport as a team. One of the most frequent questions we see as dog trainers is "how do I stop my dog pulling on the leash? It's everywhere on the internet. It's heard at the dog park, the vet, on the street, heck, it might also be the topic of dinner party conversations.

Stopping your dog from pulling on leash starts with understanding your dog's Reinforcement Zone RZ! When you know RZ, you can help your dog love loose leash walking. Trimming toenails is always a HOT topic for all of us who live with dogs and want the best for them.

What if he is terrified?

Augmenting Realities

What if attempting to do so is a danger to him and to you? This is something I've experienced first hand. Learn how to help your dog put his fear of nail trimming behind and how to lessen the trauma for both of you. I know that many of you would have read the title of this blog post and done a double take We get a lot of questions about dogs who misbehave …. You might know a dog like this, or it could even be your dog.

One thing we all know [ Being on a plane always gives me time to think Agility success can be at any level of the sport, [ Search for:. Dog Training. Susan Garrett T April 9th, 19 Comments. Read More.Horses are your standard mount and sometimes pack-animal: they are generally for long-distance use, as their endurance and stamina tends to be higher than ahfuri, and they can cross great distances at faster clips if pressed. Ahfuri are better at traversing non-flat terrain than horses: with their retractable claws and feline grace, they can climb mountains and slip through forests with more ease than horses can, but as I said, they can only support one or two light riders and not very heavy packs.

So by and large, the vast majority of people ride horses, if they ride anything at all; and only a small portion of the population uses ahfuri. So another piece by tokiko! This is Artemis Nightingale, my mc from shepherds-of-havenlove the story! Riel may put up a cold front but I know his secret!!!! I know he's incredibly tender at heart!!!

I've been looking through some of these old asks and it'll be like oh, "MC falls asleep on RO? Riel seems very aloof and prickly, but he has actually very sweet and caring in his own way!!! I just discovered your game and am already in love. Your writing style is great to read, the world building is intruiging and so are your characters! I'm normally not a fan of kids in CoG, but Caine is really cool. Also I look so forward to bond with this crew of misfits, really like how it's already feeling like a team.

Can I ask if you have an estimate of how long the game will be? Can't wait to read all of it! Ah, thank you so much, this is such a lovely comment! And Blade, lol!

Thanks for your question and again for your lovely words! The map is amazing!!!! Ooh go for it anon! What is the difference between the Lunar Corp and the Solar Corp?

Love the new characters tarot layout! Thank you so much! And this will come up and become more clear in the game as the Order begins to recruit more people and organize itself accordingly, but essentially Solar Corps Shepherds deal with the day-to-day running of the Order and much of the essential work; these are the guards, patrolmen, investigators, people who go out to collect evidence or talk to leads, general combatants, and more.

Lunar Corps is for more specialized work and is divided into elite squads and teams of specialists, and though they can perform the same duties as some Solar Corps agents, they are also deployed in more dangerous or even emergency situations: if a huge demon is attacking a church, Solar Corps agents are focusing on evacuating civilians and stalling it, Lunar Corps agents are deployed to actually go and kill the thing. Hey there!! First of all, I think your game is great and I had a lot of fun going through all the choices in the demo!

While I haven't played the alpha build yet, but I kind of think I love Riel?? He's exactly my type and I'm really gay lol. So I have question about him: how would he react to someone who was intelligent and polite, but tends to swear a lot without thinking?Santa Monica Studio delivers a deeply emotional experience following the unforgettable journey of a father and son.

God of War defies hyperbole. It is first and foremost a fabulous action game. Experts will love the infinite ways they can approach any given battle. Novices will appreciate that they can smash on R1 and R2 and wail their way through the game effectively, if a bit inelegantly. His fledgling son, Atreus, boldly fires both colorful quips and helpful elemental arrows into the fray as well. God of War is famously set against the wondrous backdrop of Norse mythology — another pantheon for Kratos to make waves in.

Speaking of water, exploring the Norse realms as father and son is hugely rewarding. Every moment spent battling Draugr, helping Wayward Spirits, and soaking in the vivid world is a delight. Somehow, though, the giant ogres, dragons, cat-lizards, and jaw-dropping vistas all play second fiddle to the rocky relationship between father and son. Underneath that gruff exterior, you see, Kratos is scared: of the responsibility of parenthood, and by the reckless anger he sees in his son, an anger that serves as a mirror to his own deicidal past.

Atreus, meanwhile, would rather be almost anywhere else than traveling with dear old dad. Against all odds, the connection between this unlikely pair deepens and matures over the course of their epic quest.

They grow and learn from each other. Material of this caliber is rarely explored in the interactive medium, and the execution here is virtually flawless.

What was your favorite game of ? Click here to vote in the PlayStation. Blog Game of the Year Awards! Did you like this? Like this. It helps a little if you play the other God of War games first for full character development of understanding the main character in full. The graphics are amazing, the story was perfect in every way and the controls were amazing. Article is a bit leading before the GOTY is announced. Lucky to have played Spider-Man, God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 this year and enjoyed all of them but if i had to choose one it would be Red Dead without a doubt.

As a hopefully more functional father, this was a compelling game in just SO many ways. I think it is best. But in open world it is not. My fav. Game of year is Spiderman and just cause 4. I think it is best in non open world. Is Spiderman just cause 4 in 2k 18 Sony make offers on new year of PS4 games. This game has redefined my expectations of the level of quality I will expect from action rpgs… it is such a masterclass of design in nearly every way.

The type of game that redefines the standards we take for granted. Skip to content.PS Blog readers were rather taken with the Phantom Thieves' new and improved outing. Things are heating up! Feel free to make a case for your pick in the comments! What is the voting criteria? If you were only able to recommend one new release to a friend that month, which would it be? Sane Trilogy will. How are nominees decided? The PlayStation. Write-in votes will be accepted. Did you like this? Like this.

Please be kind, considerate, and constructive. For other topics, head to our Forums. Tough month! Doom64 this port was really well done stayed true to the original version while adding new features and content for everyone to enjoy. Too many games that are amazing in their own genre. That being said I picked P5R. You must be logged in to post a comment. Skip to content. Like this Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter opens in a new window.

Next up, April! Any predictions? How does it work?

Players’ Choice: Persona 5 Royal Voted March’s Best New Game

At the end of every month, PlayStation. Blog will open a poll where you can vote for the best new game released that month.

Share this story Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter opens in a new window. Join the Conversation Add a Comment But don't be a jerk! Brizzel86 April 12, at pm PDT.

Katsudon April 1, at am PDT. Yeah, Persona 5 Royal probably win Log in to Reply. Doom eternal is times better.

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Eh It was ok for me. Doom eternal. No doubt. Log in to Reply.Posted by: Mary Duffy Comments 0. Raise your litter of six baby werewolves while hunting for your true love! Six kids. Kids who turn into cubs when they get upset. Never Date Werewolves is a ,word interactive romance novel by Rebecca Zahabi. I sat down with Rebecca to talk about wolves and single parenthood, and the pleasures and pitfalls of writing. Never Date Werewolves releases this Thursday, April 16th.

choice of games blog

How did you come up with the concept for this story? This sparked my imagination, and I wondered what was happening to her while she was trying to educate these children, and how I would deal with it if I was in that situation. Tell me a little about your other work. I also dabbled in oral storytelling and had a Youtube channel about Viking myths. So I keep myself busy! My sister drew this little minicomic for me for Never Date Werewolves. The PC in this game is a single mum. Did you bring your personal experience to writing this?

And I just really like the idea of parents in fiction. When I was small, I thought my dad was probably a secret werewolf. I love a game that mixes modern slice of life with something a bit unusual, like werewolves.

What parts of werewolf mythology were brought to bear here? He really masters the genre, and the whole story fits the tone of the household drama in the s, and does what I find interactive fiction does best — giving us a chance to be the main character of the books we love.

AnnouncementsBlog. Cast spells, pass your exams, and save the world! Blackstone Academy for the Magical Arts is a fast-paced ,word interactive YA fantasy novel by Alana Joli Abbott, where your choices control the story. Blackstone Academy is a secretive magical high school for students with supernatural talents.