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Depending on the amount of MT you already have in the bank, the definition of cheap can vary. That in itself makes him a bit of an enigma.

best handles players in nba 2k20 myteam

In addition to his length, he also has a solid dunk rating at an His three-point shooting is at an 89, and his ball-handling is an 86, which means he can speed boost off the dribble. On defense, his effectiveness is augmented by his length, but he also has an 89 steal rating, 90 perimeter defense, and a 92 speed and speed-with-the ball attribute.

2K20 MyTEAM Players

In total, Bonga has 45 badges and 18 of them are Hall of Fame. If you can master that, you can use this card about as effectively as a Pink Diamond. Getty Diamond Marcus Smart. The latter allows Smart to hold his own if he gets caught in a switch with a bigger offensive player.

Size is the only real drawback of this card. On offense, the Smart card is no slouch. Getty Ruby Thon Maker. The most versatile budget big man is the Ruby Thon Maker. At 7-foot, Maker has the size you need, at least from a length standpoint. There are plenty of 7-footers in MyTeam, but what sets Maker apart from the other budget cards are his shot motion and speed.

best handles players in nba 2k20 myteam

Maker may have the smoothest and easiest shot motion to master among bigs in MyTeam, with the exception of maybe Anthony Davis. By Brian Mazique. Updated Apr 3, at am. If you want to compete in Unlimited and Triple Threat Online without breaking the bank buying VC, or spending tons of time grinding, the game has a number of cheap gems you can grab for reasonable amounts of MT.

I'm going to point out three great cheap cards you're going to want to grab to be competitive as quickly as possible.In NBA 2K20 's MyTeam mode gamers spend time and resources in an attempt to build their dream team consisting of their favorite modern and classic players. The library of cards features NBA players from all decades, with even individual players receiving multiple versions of themselves at different ratings. Who are the best low-to-mid 90 overall players sporting the shiny purple card design?

It's time to look at and rank the 10 best amethyst cards in NBA 2K20 's MyTeam mode and see which ones you should try and collect. People love to talk about Michael Jordan's dominance and will overlook the fact he played with an NBA superstar who could have led his team in Scottie Pippen.

The Chicago Bulls small forward out of Central Arkansas University was an all-world defender who often found himself guarding the opponent's best player. He was also a consistent scorer with tremendous athletic and ball-handling ability. That's currently what Rudy Golbert is dealing with despite being one of the NBA's most consistent and game-altering big men.

His amethyst card is a defensive and rebounding monster, who's a better athlete than people think. When the team drafted him in fans weren't sure what to think of the pick as Adebayo didn't have the hype that many of the other prospects in his draft did. Three years later it seems that he and Donovan Mitchell, the 13th and 14th picks respectively, were the best players in the entire class.

If you need a player with never-ending energy and a true commitment to rebounding on both sides of the court, Adebayo's amethyst card is a worthy investment. If you grew up watching the NBA in the '90s and early 's then you would have been familiar with the 3-point assassin for the Sacramento Kings known as Peja Stojakovic.

Well, he had an Eastern Conference counterpart who was also European and was just as deadly from behind the line, and his name was Hedo Turkoglu. Turkoglu's amethyst card highlights his pure scoring ability and ball handles that made him special. Like with most sports, the guys who come in and contribute in ways that help their team win but might not show up on the stat sheet, are supremely underrated and overlooked.

Tony Allen was one of the NBA's best defenders for a decade, and despite helping his team win a championship, the average fan would likely think you were talking about Ray Allen. His amethyst card is a world-class defender with limited offensive potential. This means that getting your hands on one might be easy for its rarity simply due to the lack of demand for this type of NBA player.

Well, with NBA All-Star weekend coming and going, the developers have answered those requests but with a twist. Shaq's new amethyst card is solid and is dominant inside the paint, but it features an older Shaq playing for the Phoenix Suns. At the end of the day, it shouldn't matter considering the card is a 92 overall, but fans like visuals and they'd likely prefer the Shaq who was on the Orlando Magic or Los Angeles Lakers.

There's this strange thing that's happened with Los Angeles Lakers draft picks recently. It seems like leaving Hollywood helps them focus on their game and most of them become better players once they suit up with a new jersey. Now in New Orleans, Brandon Ingram has emerged as a potential superstar and is a guy who can consistently put up points. His amethyst card is from the Moments of the Week collection for the first week of the season where he showed he can be a weapon.

John Stockton and Karl Malone may not have invented the pick-and-roll offense, but they did, however, perfect it. Some people believe that each player would have had a superstar career apart from one another, but together they helped each other enter another stratosphere.

Karl Malone was a walking double-double who would fight for every rebound and make sure anything inside the paint was contested.He has always been strong on the court, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, who scored 12 points for 5.

Although he will never be the most flexible player, especially when moving horizontally, his ability to score close to the basket and change his shooting ability in the lane will help him get a roster in the Celtic team.

If this happens, or if he can sign exhibit 10 as a two-way g-league player, he will be eligible for NBA 2k If you are like me, then you want to see that. Size is the main factor for 2K, and it was a bit exaggerated in previous versions.

In 2K, larger players can cover the ground faster, so they play faster than their speed and agility levels suggest. If fall were to appear in the game, this would not be the first time 2K has produced a rendering for a player of this size. Playstation 4 provides an excellent off-season roster with a fan made version of fall. It comes from xvclutchoz, 2K user.

In the customized list, height, weight and attributes are very real. I added him to the starting line-up for an early season game against the Philadelphia 76ers, while fall turned his left hand three laps to lay up easily with Joel embiid.

The fall version of the roster scored 67 overall, which some may think is a bit high, but it is somewhat consistent with the second round score.

In real life, the height of fall is amazing, but as you can see in the picture above, the rookie also makes his potential new teammate Kemba Walker 2K. Through two summer leagues, fall established its own productivity and popularity in Las Vegas.

If you want to get nba 2k20 mt coinsyou can buy here.In NBA 2K20 's MyTeam mode players have a chance to assemble a team of their favorite players from any decade, team, or position. Point guard often gets overlooked as the position never seems to be as flashy as shooting guards or small forwards, but a good point guard is often the cornerstone of championship teams.

Great players at the position also happen to come in various shapes, sizes, and play-styles. Magic Johnson isn't only one of the most popular NBA players ever, his health concerns and championship dominance have made him a pop culture icon in many ways. The 6'9" point guard broke the mold for what an NBA point guard should look like and very much inspired LeBron James as a big man with incredible ball handles and passing ability.

His card from the season shows how great he was at almost everything outside of long-range scoring and dunking ability.

Before the likes of James Harden was carving up the NBA in a Houston Rockets uniform, the franchise had an impressive all-star caliber swing guard who managed to dazzle on the court.

Steve Francis did wonders for the Rockets and his MyTeam card highlights that. Francis was often an example of pure athleticism taking the stage in impressive ways. He was a great pickpocket who managed to steal a lot of basketballs and could make defenses pay with impressive passing and movement when in transition off of the steal.

Jo Jo White is likely a name that even Boston Celtics fans might have to Google after reading this article. The version of this Celtics point guard lets players use him at either guard position which is always a plus as versatility always adds built-in value. Like most traditional point guards White's rebounding and post-scoring aren't the greatest, but he does happen to be great when it comes to passing and handling the ball. Just don't look for him to be a knockdown shooter from behind the 3-point line.

Damian Lillard's 96 overall card in MyTeam is the highest of any point guard currently playing but is actually a reward card and not his base version.

Despite being known for having some limitless range with his shot, this guard has a 3-point shot rating of only 88 which is quite upsetting. If you're purely looking for an offensive output from your point guard this may be the right card for you considering all of its defensive stats come in at below 80, with his interior defense landing at a jaw-dropping rating of The Utah Jazz legend had such a filthy shot from range that it made the pairing of him and Karl Malone almost unstoppable.

If it wasn't for the likes of Michael Jordan, the duo would likely be champions. The 96 overall Stockton card in MyTeam is great at literally everything outside of rebounding and post-scoring, which is why it should be paired with Malone.While the NBA season remains on hiatus, many basketball fans are turning to video games. The NBA 2K20 game has been running simulations of the season and soon will have simulations for how the playoffs might look.

Walker shot of overall including for from long-range. He also collected a rebound and had six turnovers. While Walker normally has a 73 overall rating on the San Antonio Spurs in the game, they gave him a new Diamond card with a 95 overall rating. All of these cards are available through the League Moments Series 2 packs in MyTeam or through the auction area.

With NBA 2K20 MyTeam, gamers are able to use their 2K video game skills to put together a team of powerful players in order to win various challenges. These include everything from 3-vs-3 to 5-on-5 games online and even moments matching those of legends like Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Kobe Bryant. Your email address will not be published. Like 0. Tweet 0. Share 0. Bob Dobalina. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Password Forgot password. Keep me signed in.

Theme Show unreleased players. Position Include secondary position Incl. Color B. Price PS4 XB1. Filter Reset. Collection Clear Collections. More Filters Badges, Attributes. Badges Clear Acrobat. Backdown Punisher.

best handles players in nba 2k20 myteam

Consistent Finisher. Contact Finisher. Cross-Key Scorer. Deep Hooks. Fancy Footwork. Fastbreak Finisher. Giant Slayer. Lob City Finisher. Pro Touch.

Putback Boss. Relentless Finisher.NBA 2K20 's MyTeam mode is like other collectible card modes in sports games which means that the catalog of available player cards gets better with time. Near launch, the game usually has a solid collection of players to choose from and dangles a few highly sought after rewards that players will begin chasing the moment they load up MyTeam. Whether classic or modern, there's a good number of high overall studs waiting to be collected.

With Dirk Nowitzki deciding to hang up his sneakers at the end of the last NBA season, it was only right to expect a high overall card of the German unicorn himself. For years Dirk was criticized for his awkward shot and for years he showed the league that he was one-of-a-kind. His 97 overall card from the season reflects his tremendous scoring ability from both inside and out of the paint as well as his rebounding prowess. It also happens to be a little harsh on his speed, acceleration, and passing ability.

Michael Jordan is considered by many as the best NBA player ever, but it's not like he single-handedly won championships. Every great player needs help in doing so, and boy did Scottie Pippen happen to be a great teammate for Jordan. Pippen was a great 2 threat and was one of the league's best defenders for several years. He was a smart player who knew what shots to take and had the right level of ego and competitive spirit to play alongside a player like Michael Jordan.

Arvydas Sabonis will most definitely be the 1 head-scratcher on this list as the towering Lithuanian center had a shortlived but solid NBA career. His real excellence came in the European leagues he dominated in which left him as a legend overseas.

In many ways, the 7'3" athletic monster was part of the movement for power forwards and centers to develop an outside shooting game. Sabonis isn't the lightest on his feet so his 28 rating on perimeter defense and 54 rating for lateral quickness should be understood.

When you play for the Orlando Magic, in any era, it's hard to get the recognition you deserve simply due to the franchise's mainstream relevance. His 99 overall card featuring him from the season emphasizes the playmaking ability that had him distributing and providing his teammates with plenty of chances to score. If you're a fan of Tim Duncan then you should understand that there would be no great Tim Duncan without David Robinson, and that's according to Duncan himself.

Nicknamed The Admiral, Robinson was a force to be reckoned with for the San Antonio Spurs for years and helped Greg Popovich establish their winning culture. For better or worse Robinson is a classic NBA big man which means his inside game is unstoppable, but anything outside the paint or having to do with passing should be handled by literally anyone else.

You can't have a 99 overall Dominique Wilkins card from his season and not expect it to be an athletic freak. Wilkins was also never a great passer or rebounder and unfortunately, his stats also reflect that pretty accurately. If you're looking for a dunking highlight who has some outside shooting ability then maybe aim your eyes on this 85' Wilkins card. The vintage Grant Hill from the Detroit Pistons is a card that can be obtained if you earn enough tickets and the 6'8" might have you looking his way.

Galaxy opal Yao Ming is a problem in nba 2k20 myteam...

The card is solid in both its outside scoring and perimeter defensive attributes, but don't expect to be rebounding or using post moves with Grant Hill anytime soon. He's a great player who often doesn't get the credit he deserves so it's nice to see him get his own 99 overall card that showcases how much he could do on the court in his prime.

Julius Erving happens to have the highest overall card in MyTeam for a guy who wasn't a cover athlete for the game. This card is a reward for those who trade in tickets for players. He's near the end as he's available only in the Galaxy Opal section which means that you likely won't see him for a while.

Unlike the top 2 cards on this list, Erving has some flaws as his rebounding and interior defense traits are in the 70s. He's an athletic freak though that sports tremendous speed and dunking ability.

Anthony Davis is finally out of New Orleans and will be sporting the purple and gold for the coming season. Considered to be arguably the best big man in the league, the cover athlete of the base version of NBA 2K20 happens to have the 2nd best card so far in MyTeam.